Announcing the BC International Student Ambassador Scholarships

JANUARY 6, 2017     Source: Chantal Moore

British Columbia’s Ministry of Education is pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the International Student Ambassador Scholarships. The awards promote the development of intercultural ...

Trump ban may mean ‘huge upswing of interest’ in Canada for foreign students

FEBRUARY 6, 2017     Source: Vancouver Sun

BCCIE Executive Director, Randall Martin foresees an upswing in interest in BC schools after Trump's travel ban.

Announcing the BC-China Award for Excellence in Chinese for BC Grade 12 students

DECEMBER 13, 2016     Source: BC Government

British Columbia’s Ministry of Education is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the BC-China Award for Excellence in Chinese. The award promotes the development of intercultural ...

CBIE launches national study abroad campaign

FEBRUARY 23, 2017     Source: Chantal Moore

The Learning Beyond Borders campaign already has the support of 87 post-secondary institutions committed to increasing the number of Canadian students abroad.