CBIE research highlights record growth of international students in Canada

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018     Source: Chelsea Dibble     Type: Sector News

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) published a Research in Brief recently on the record-breaking numbers of international students in Canada in 2017. CBIE’s research, using both open and ...

International Students: Navigating the Immigration Maze

SEPTEMBER 13, 2018     Source: BCCIE Events     Type: BCCIE News

Register for this workshop all about immigration, including how students transition to PR status.

International Education Update on South India

SEPTEMBER 5, 2018     Source: BC's Trade and Investment Office in India     Type: Sector News

This update was compiled by BC's Education Marketing Manager under the auspices of BC's Trade and Investment Office in India on selected educational institutes based in South India ...

Asia-Pacific countries untapped destination for Canadian students studying abroad

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018     Source: Chelsea Dibble     Type: Feature

With fewer than three percent of Canadian post-secondary students pursuing study periods overseas, increasing the number of students abroad is a priority for Canada’s and BC’s International Education ...