International student numbers in US at all-time high but new enrollments declining

NOVEMBER 18, 2019     Source: Chelsea Dibble     Type: Sector News

Recent stats on the high number of international students in the United States have been dominating headlines. The 2019 Open Doors Report, produced by the Institute of International Education (IIE), states ...

BCCIE and EDUCAFIN partner to increase international mobility initiatives

NOVEMBER 14, 2019     Source: Vivien Lee     Type: BCCIE News

Guanajuato, Mexico — The BC Council for International Education (BCCIE) and Instituto de Financiamiento e Información para la Educación (EDUCAFIN) announce a new partnership to develop ...

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Bridging Oceans

NOVEMBER 12, 2019     Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education     Type: Sector News

The APAIE 2020 Conference and Exhibition will highlight new and rising powers, economies and regions around the world.

Okanagan College leverages UMAP membership to secure scholarships for exchange students

NOVEMBER 7, 2019     Source: Chelsea Dibble     Type: BCCIE News

Yolanda Bohal has travelled a far distance from her home country of Indonesia to BC’s Southern Interior for a study abroad semester at Okanagan College’s Kelowna campus. Yolanda, along with two other ...