BCCIE is a provincial Crown Corporation committed to supporting the internationalization efforts of the Province of British Columbia’s public and independent K-12, public and private post-secondary and language schools.


BCCIE's purpose is to promote International Education in and for the Province of British Columbia, to promote and enhance BC’s international reputation for education, and to support the International Education activities of the Government of British Columbia.

In support of this mandate, BCCIE serves the needs of all International Education sectors of British Columbia – public and independent K-12, public and private post-secondary, and language schools – in three core service areas:

Internationalization – Working with the Province and BC’s public and private post-secondary and K-12 sectors and language schools to internationalize the BC education system. This is accomplished by the provision of a leadership role and includes sharing best practices, fostering positive relationships for the benefit of BC’s diverse International Education sectors, and by promoting a culture of quality and excellence in internationalization.

Market Support – Supporting BC’s International Education sector in positioning BC as the leading quality destination for international learners from around the globe. This is accomplished by creating and maintaining international networks and providing a coordinating function for a variety of activities that support the sector and Province.

Communication and Professional Development – Enhancing expertise in the International Education sector by providing services including effective professional development offerings and communications to and for BC’s international education stakeholders.


To profile British Columbia as the education destination of choice for learners from around the globe and to promote global citizenry and internationalization at all levels in BC’s education system.


BCCIE supports all participants in BC’s International Education sector and the provincial government to advance the International Education interests of the Province of British Columbia.