Call for Proposals: BCIEW 2024

Be a part of engaging and thought-provoking discussions at BC International Education Week 2024 as a presenter. We invite you to submit a proposal on a topic you believe is crucial to the field of international education and should be talked about.

Proposal Categories:

The examples presented are non-exhaustive and are only meant to demonstrate which topics fall under each category.

International Student Support, Advising and Transitions

  • Example Topics: Community-Driven Models for Holistic Student Support, Advocating for Mental Health of Students, Empowering Graduates for a Successful Transition into the Workforce

Indigenization and Intercultural Perspectives

  • Example Topics: Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives, Trends in Intercultural and International Education, Reconciliation and International Education

Global Education and Study Abroad

  • Example Topics: Marketing Non-Traditional Study Abroad Destinations, Utilizing New Technologies in Study Abroad Programs, Well-Being and Safety in Study Abroad Experiences

Strategic Partnerships

  • Example Topics: Fostering Inclusive Partnerships, Exploring Public-Private Collaborations, Integrating Sustainability Goals into Partnership Agreements

Teaching, Instruction and Internationalizing the Curriculum

  • Example Topics: Using Experiential Learning to Foster Global Understanding, EdTech Innovations in Global Learning, Assessing Intercultural Competence

Cross-Cutting Conversations

  • Example topics: Ethical Dilemmas in International Education, Addressing Climate Change within the Context of Global Education, Data-Informed Decision-Making for Administrators

Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions

  • Example Topics: Data-Driven Strategies for Effective Outreach, Gamification and Interactive Media in Student Engagement, Holistic Approaches to Admissions Processes

Proposals will be accepted until end of day on January 31, 2024. Learn more about submission guidelines.