Webinar | Evaluating the Impact of Local/Global Experiential Learning

Jun 4, 2020    Source: BCCIE


Date: June 23, 2020
Time: 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. PDT
Format: Online via GoToWebinar
Hosted By: BCCIE
Cost: Free

How can we re-imagine transformative, experiential learning experiences during and past this pandemic? This webinar will share findings from a study on 15 years of Professor Henry Yu’s Asian-Canadian history courses in the context of current study abroad and experiential learning models. Professor Yu’s courses encourage students to incorporate media, virtual tools, and technology (short film, AR/VR) into their learning to leverage global and intercultural competencies. Participants will learn how the teaching team and university partners have adapted to challenges and opportunities over the years—and specifically during the abrupt teaching learning changes elicited by COVID-19.

This session will present findings and recommend programmatic changes to support universities’ international strategies as they plan and adapt their courses in the context of increased virtual education.


Fabian Fröhlich, Graduate student, UBC Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Fabian Froehlich joined the Faculty of Education as a graduate student in 2018. Specializing in Media & Technology Education Studies Fabian’s research focuses on equitable and inclusive instructional design through educational technology. He is a SOTL-specialist (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) at the Centre of Teaching and Learning Technology at UBC leading several research projects. Furthermore, Fabian works for the Learning Analytics Team of UBC IT, which is involved in creating educational tools for students and instructors.

Charlotte Humphries, Global Engagement Advisor, Go Global: International Learning Programs, University of British Columbia

Charlotte Humphries joined UBC’s Go Global: International Learning Programs office in 2012 and has had the pleasure of working with the Heritage of Chinese Migration teaching team since 2017. As Global Engagement Advisor, Charlotte provides support to academic units in the development, implementation and evaluation of faculty-led international programs. She works to ensure that Go Global programs are embedded in, and supported by, the university’s financial protocols, safety policies, as well as best practices in experiential education. 

Christine Lee, Associate Director, Alumni Engagement, University of British Columbia

Christine Lee is the Associate Director, Alumni Engagement, Faculty of Arts at the University of British Columbia. Christine is a proud alumna of UBC completing her degree in Asian Area Studies and International Relations. She has been with the Faculty of Arts since 2005 developing the alumni engagement program by building strong partnerships and working collaboratively with alumni UBC and academic programs. 

Joanna Yang, Finance and Academic Manager, University of British Columbia

Joanna Yang has extensive academic exchange program management experience, and has been involved with the strategic planning of various inbound and outbound exchange experiences at UBC. She has hands-on experience leading students abroad, managing students domestically to achieve community-based research goals, and has been the program logistical lead of the ACAM 390A – Heritage of Chinese Migration since 2014.

Professor Henry Yu, Professor, History Department and Principal, St John’s College, University of British Columbia

Professor Henry Yu is involved in the collaborative effort to reimagine the history of Vancouver and of British Columbia through the concept of "Pacific Canada," a perspective that focuses on how migrants from Asia, Europe, and other parts of the Americas engaged with each other and with First Nations peoples historically. Prof. Yu has been the Principal since 2011 of St. John's Graduate College, UBC's international graduate college, and served as its Associate Principal from 2005-2009. He also is the Director of the Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies (INSTRCC), the first stage of a long-term commitment at UBC to the study of trans-Pacific migrations and the long history of interactions between Asian and European migrants and First Nations peoples in Pacific Canada.