Host short-term tour groups (Shugaku Ryoko) of Japanese K-12 students

Jan 13, 2015    Source: Colin Doerr


BCCIE has been working with the Japanese Consulate General in Vancouver, BC Ministry of International Trade, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skill Training, the Japan/Canada Tourism Association (JACATA) and tourism marketers from Destination BC to explore how to best grow and develop BC as a preferred destination for Japan’s Short-Term International Study Tours, known as Shugaku Ryoko in Japan.

What is Shugaku Ryoko?

Shugaku Ryoko are short-term (usually only one week) tours involving large groups of Japanese students going on cultural outings, school visits, tourist events, visits to businesses and industries, and nature/wilderness experiences. A typical Shugaku Ryoko will take place during the months of May, June, October and November and can accommodate approximately 200 students within one grade (mostly Grade 11).

Opportunities for BC High Schools

Shugaku Ryoko presents excellent opportunities for cultural exchange between Japanese and BC students with the aim of increasing global competencies that help prepare both BC and Japanese youth to live and thrive in a globalized and diverse world, for partnership development with an important growth market, and for a modest revenue stream.

Host schools and districts in BC are not expected to deliver any formal instruction, nor facilitate accommodation arrangements, but rather host the students for one full or half-day of activities and student engagement as part of their one week experience in Canada.

Benefits for the host schools

  • Possible recruitment of longer-term semester students
  • Opportunities for sister school relationships
  • Opportunities for local students to learn more about Japanese language and culture, which will broaden their international understanding and knowledge
  • Opportunities for local teachers to share experiences and skills for teaching and classroom management
  • Honorarium provided by Japanese schools (amount TBC)

Expectations of host schools

  • Provide classroom lesson experience, interaction with local students of a similar age, and a tour of the host school
  • Coordinate a time slot for an introduction of Japanese culture
  • Participate in a sports exchange, such as volleyball or basketball matches

Confirmation in Hosting Short-Term (Half to full day) groups of Japanese Students

At this stage BCCIE is compiling a list of K-12 schools and districts (both public and independent) that would be willing to host short-term groups of Japanese students. Confirmation here indicates your interest and willingness to host, but does not constitute any formal agreement or contract. A more formal hosting agreement would come at a later date.

If interested in hosting a Shugaku Ryoko group, please reply to by Friday, February 20 with the following:

  • A brief introduction to your district and/or school(s), including area of specialty or excellence (100 words). Please include any links for on-line information concerning your school or district.
  • Preferred months/times available to host Shugaku Ryoko.
  • Number of Japanese students your school or district could host at any one time (e.g. 50, 100, 200…)

Main contact (name, position, email, phone)