Introducing COMPASS, a new publication on BC’s emerging education markets

Dec 18, 2014    Source: Chantal Moore


The BC Council for International Education has collaborated on a new publication, COMPASS, to keep stakeholders informed about the exciting and ever-shifting landscape of International Education (IE). We hope you enjoy the first edition, launched December 2014.


COMPASS includes contributions from BC’s Education Marketing Managers (EMMs), who are employed by the Provincial Government and stationed in priority markets around the globe, and it is a unique and dynamic newsletter dedicated to support BC’s IE sector. We aim to provide the latest IE news from the market as it happens.

COMPASS represents an aggregate of opportunities, updates and events that influence and impact IE in BC. It is an excellent vehicle to highlight the market intelligence that our EMMs provide. COMPASS will be published three times a year. Each edition will feature one EMM and their region. Leaders from government and IE will also be profiled. In this issue, Agnel Worth, an EMM in Bangalore, India will provide a market update. India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and there are many strong partnerships forming between BC and Indian educational institutions, especially in light of the Premier’s recent trade mission in October.

We look forward to providing this new way to connect with an already fascinating industry.