Updates to the Off-Campus Work Program for Study Permit Holders in Canada

Mar 19, 2018    Source: Government of Canada


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has released an update regarding additional guidance for the off-campus work program for international students holding a valid study permit in Canada. Clarification has been provided on the following:

  • Determination of full-time status
  • Definition of terms related to the off-campus work program
  • Commencement of off-campus work
  • Completion of studies as it relates to off-campus work

In addition, the instructions have been expanded in relation to off-campus work authorization:

  • For co-op students
  • For students in their final academic session
  • For students transitioning between programs of study
  • During strikes
  • During optional and regularly scheduled breaks

For further information, please visit Government of Canada website.