Partnership opportunity in Brazil: Goiás Sem Fronteiras (Goiás Without Borders)

Mar 29, 2018    Source: The Brazilian State of Goiás


The Brazilian State of Goiás (location) has budgetary and financial authorization to send 100-200 high school students from the public state school system, between 15 and 19 years old, for a four-week English Language Training and Leadership Development program at a higher education institution in Canada in July 2018.

This program was launched in late 2017 with a pilot conducted at the New Jersey City University with great success, and through its expansion into Canada and other jurisdictions it is expected to be the starting point of further potential collaboration and partnership with the State of Goiás and the institutions that operate within it. For details on the program at the New Jersey City University, click here.


The main objective of the program is to provide scientific, technological, professional and innovation education and training to high school students through the granting of scholarships to attend international higher education institutions of recognized excellence.


The State of Goiás is now accepting proposals from BC post-secondary institutions that can offer a 28-day customized program, where instruction days are split 50/50 between two modules: leadership and entrepreneurial skills development and English language training. Institutions may partner with a local service provider to deliver the English language training module. Please review this document for all of the specific requirements of the program.

Proposals should be designed to accommodate a group of 100-200 students aged 15 to 19, including on-campus or otherwise arranged accommodation for the entire group. There will be two (2) Brazilian chaperones per each group of 25 students, the cost of which will be covered by the State of Goiás. Please be sure to include an itemized list of the anticipated costs of course materials, cultural activities and other portions of the program in your proposal.


The fees approved by the State government include (in Brazilian Reals – R$):

  • R$ 4,500 per month per student for tuition
  • R$ 9,500 stipend for food and accommodation (all students should preferably be accommodated on campus with available food services)
  • R$ 1,800 per student for health insurance
  • Other funding available dependent on destination

How to apply?

  1. Prepare a proposal for ONLY the academic portion of the program (including all costs associated with technical visits). 
  2. Your proposal should be submitted by April 15 to Leonardo Felipe Marques de Souza, Superintendente da Juventude do Estado de Goiás at Please email Suzan Redwood at
  3. The  proposals will  be reviewed by the State and be used to draft a “Terms of Reference” document.  As an example, here is the one used last year for the USA, in Portuguese.
  4. Goiás will launch a call for proposals at the end of April, for Brazilian Agencies that will use the “Terms of Reference “ as a guide.  These agencies must meet certain selection criteria as well (i.e. demonstrate they have the resources and financial support to launch a project of this size). 
  5. The Canadian Embassy in Brasilia be included as a contact in the Terms of Reference document, to provide the Brazilian Agencies the list of Canadian Institutions that submitted a proposal.
  6. The  Brazilian agent can submit up to three different proposals. This is where they may ask the Canadian institution if they can offer accommodations for the students in on-campus facilities. It is the agent’s responsibility to organize visas, air transportation, airport shuttle, accommodation (hotel or residence), meals, allowance, health insurance, etc.
  7. The State of Goiás will then select the winning bid of the Brazilian Agent and the partnering Canadian institution. Payment will be made directly from the State of Goáis to the Canadian Institution for the academic portion of the program.
  8. The students would arrive in July for their 28-day program.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Felipe at or Ms. Suzan Redwood at