Proyecta 10,000: Call for Proposals Open to Institutions Interested in Hosting Mexican Learners

We are pleased to communicate that the first Call for Proposals in 2018 for Proyecta 10,000 is now open. This call is intended for higher education institutions in Canada interested in participating as recipients of Mexican students and teachers of English as a second language.  

This call will sponsor a total of 2,000 scholarships and will be funded by the Mexican government. Please note that the deadline for submitting proposals is March 4, 2018. Applications can be submitted here. The portal password is MEXICO2018.

Proyecta 10,000 will prioritize those proposals with the best economical offers limited to CAD $2,800.


In February 2014, during the North American Leaders' Summit, the governments of Mexico and Canada agreed that education and innovation are among the strategic priorities of cooperation between both countries. In this spirit, Proyecta 10,000 was announced as an ambitious and transformational Mexican program. Its goal is to have 10,000 Mexican learners studying in Canada by 2018.

On the occasions of the State Visits of President Enrique Peña Nieto to Canada in June 2016 and of Prime Minister Trudeau to Mexico in October 2017, both governments affirmed the importance of a renewed strategic partnership in which one of the top priorities will be to strengthen connections and facilitate mobility for our people. President Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Trudeau agreed to grow our cultural connections and expand opportunities for Canadian and Mexican students studying in each country. In this spirit, we invite your institutions to be part of Proyecta 10,000.


If your institution is interested in hosting Mexican undergraduate students and teachers supported by scholarships from the Mexican Government during late Spring (April-May), Summer (June-August) or Fall (October-December) 2018, please submit proposals for the following modality:

English as Second Language Courses (Spring, Summer and Fall 2018):

  • Participants are undergraduate students and teachers.
  • The cost of the course must not exceed CAD $2,800 per learner (including tuition costs, educational fees, housing, a comprehensive meal program, medical insurance, ground transportation to/from the nearest airport and other student services or costs, such as books, course materials, etc.)
  • The course should have a length of 4 weeks and include 96 hours of academic lessons.
  • Deadline for submitting proposals is March 4, 2018.
  • Applications can be submitted here.


Please consider that the placement of learners is subject to budget availability. Submission of proposals do not imply and/or guarantee in any way or circumstance the assignment of learners. Proyecta 10,000 will prioritize the most competitive proposals in terms of cost-efficiency and reserves the right to place learners according to the specific needs and requirements of the sponsors of each cohort.

Submit a Proposal

If interested, your institution may submit proposals through the online portal by March 4.

Portal password: MEXICO2018

Should you have further enquiries regarding the present Call or the selection process, please contact: