EAIE Forum Member Magazine Features Article by Dr. Randall Martin

BCCIE Executive Director Dr. Randall Martin’s article Mobility According to Nostradamus was featured in the Summer 2021 edition of EAIE’s Forum member magazine. The article posed the question “What might Nostradamus predict about the future of mobility if he were alive today?”

Excerpt from the article:

The mobility of students and scholars between centres of learning predates both the nation-state and the university. It can be argued that ‘international’ existed before ‘national’. Aristotle of Macedon was a student of Plato in Athens (approx. 368 BC), perhaps one of the first foreign students on record. More recently, post-Cold War global stability has been fundamental to the international higher education sector’s success. With mobility now in the balance, pondering its historical influence and trajectories might better inform our anticipation of its future.

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