IDP China Spring 2018 Fairs

Date: Mar 17, 2018 — Apr 1, 2018
Location: Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan in China


Currently, there are only around 2,100 Chinese institutions of higher education shared by a significantly larger population of over 1.37 billion people. The shortage of placements in reputable schools/institutions remains one of the key reasons why an increasing number of Chinese students are seeking high-quality education overseas. The growing wealth of the upper-middle class in China has made overseas education more accessible to their younger generations.

Participating institutions can take full advantage of this face-to-face interaction opportunity to put forward their strengths and convince students to submit an application or accept an offer already made. The event will also attract students who have already had a thorough consultation with IDP, as well as new students without prior counselling experience. This event is open to clients of all sectors.