2018 IDP India – Canada Education Fair

Date: Sep 14, 2018 — Oct 7, 2018
Location: Multiple Locations across the country


IDP Education India believes that Indian students have been keen to study in Canada for a long time and we are confident that the demand for quality education from international students will maintain Canada's position as a leading study abroad destination.

India is a young country with 51% of the population under 19 years of age. Presently, there are approximately 700 universities and about 35,539 colleges in the country. HRD estimates a requirement of another 800 universities and 35,000-40,000 colleges to enable more 46 million children to avail college and university education. This supply and demand gap continues to drive students to look at higher education opportunities overseas.

India as a country is predominantly a graduate market with over 81% of students applying for Graduate programs while the Undergraduate market share is around 19%. IDP’s performance for Canada in FY 17 is better balanced with 56% students opting for graduate programs and 44% opting for undergraduate programs. Popular courses in India are: Management, Information Technology, Network Security, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Biological Sciences, Communications, Finance and Accounting, Dental Hygiene, Aeronautics, Biotechnology and Pharmacy etc.