Studying abroad is one of the most important and transformational activities a student may ever pursue. BC Study Abroad (BCSA) makes short-term study abroad more accessible, affordable and enjoyable for both students and institutions. BCSA is administered by BCCIE on behalf of a consortium of BC post-secondary institutions. The BCSA Consortium enables students from one participating BC post-secondary institution to attend the study abroad program of another and receive transfer credits.

Students can access for up to date information on all study abroad programs and to apply online to the program of their choice.

Why participate in the Consortium? 

The Consortium gives participating BC institutions the opportunity to promote their own study abroad programs province-wide while fulfilling key goals of internationalization and supporting best practices in student experience.

Consortium benefits:

  • Marketing reach – Consortium member institutions can promote study abroad programs to over 350,000 students province-wide.
  • Viability – Smaller and regional institutions can more readily offer study abroad programs thanks to province-wide marketing and exposure.
  • Scholarships – Students can access scholarships available only to Consortium institutions.
  • Diversity – The Consortium promotes diversity amongst study abroad participants.

How to join the Consortium

If you are an institution interested in joining the Consortium, please contact us at