The Jesuit University of Guadalajara: International Summer Program

ITESO, the Jesuit University of Guadalajara invites BC students to participate in the 14th edition of their International Summer Program

At this time they have preliminary confirmation of the following courses:

  • Agroecology and Nutrition: From the Molecule to the Plate
  • Business Models (in English)
  • Collaborative Work Systems
  • Project Evaluation
  • Design Thinking for Social Science (in English)
  • Digital Illustration: Branding (in English)
  • Information Design: UX/UI (in English)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (in English)
  • Physical Chemistry (in English)

All courses can be paired with a Spanish Language course, or Spanish Language can be taken on its own.

The application deadline is April 1st, 2024.  On-site orientation will be held on May 17th.

All courses (except Spanish Language) are co-taught with international professors and ITESO professors. Courses are offered in Spanish, English, or both. Students enrolling in courses offered in Spanish must prove a B2 level of Spanish and for those offered in both Spanish and English – a B1 level of Spanish is required.  Students will take classes with ITESO students.

The program cost is estimated at $2750 USD for the 4-week program.  This includes estimated costs for:

  • Housing (walking distance from campus)
  • Meals (self-catering)
  • Tuition for 7 credits (approx.), option to take only 1 course – 3 or 4 credits
  • Airport pickup (opt in)
  • On-site orientation and welcome session
  • ITESO student ID
  • Official transcript issued in English and sent to home university

If you have any questions about this information or if you need any further information please write to Della Burke,