Photo by Juliana Galbiatti, alumni from Langara College

Spotlight on 2014 StudyinBC contest winner!

Nov 7, 2014    Source: StudyinBC


The winner of our grand prize of an iPad Air is Juliana Galbiatti from Brazil. She is a Langara College graduate and has recently returned to British Columbia after a semester studying at King’s College in London. She shared with us her reaction to finding out that she had won the contest as well as what are her favourite things about BC and what she is planning for the future.

  1. What was your reaction when you found out you had won the contest?

    So very excited, I am still over the moon!

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  2. Why did you decide to participate?

    I have had so many incredible experiences in British Columbia and most of them I have framed in pictures, so why not share with others so they know what is expecting them when they come to BC?

  3. How long have you been in Canada? And why did you choose to come Study in BC?

    I have been in BC for quite few years now, so when the time was right it made sense to study here.

  4. What are your hobbies?

    I’d say walking around the city taking pictures is a big one, checking out new bakeries and coffee shops, catching up with friends at a local beach and without a doubt traveling and getting to know new cultures.

  5. What are the 5 places you would you suggest a newcomer to BC to do/visit?

    My TOP 5 in Vancouver would be riding a bike along Stanley Park seawall, catching a sunset over at any local beach, boarding the False Creek ferries for a lunch at Granville Island Market, spending a day at the North Shore exploring its hiking trails and suspension bridges and most definitely taking the gondola up Grouse Mountain, you can’t get more Vancouver than that!

    As for British Columbia, all the scenic trips, being by ferry to Victoria, a road trip through the majestic Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler, or the nice and warm Okanagan!

  6. What is your absolute favourite thing about British Columbia?

    It’s hard to pick just one, but it’d have to say its stunning nature all around!

  7. What would you say to someone who is thinking about studying in BC?

    I find BC to be very welcoming as an international destination, where you can easily feel at home, even if you’re miles away. The variety of outdoor activities every Season of the year and its beautiful surroundings will make you want to enjoy your time here to the last drop! After many years I find it more and more spectacular, whoever knows me know I truly recommend it!

  8. What did you study?

    Project Management at Langara College in Vancouver.

  9. What are your future plans?

    At this moment I am looking forward to starting fresh in my career in the Event planning field.

  10. How your experience in Canada helped shape those?

    Living in Canada has helped me grow to the person I am today, all the experiences I had so far, being personal, study or work have brought me here, where I want to be! Being a volunteer to all sorts of different Events around Vancouver is why I decided to follow this career path which I am very passionate about, I have recently graduated from Event Management with PR and Media in London, UK and now I feel more than ready to take off in BC!

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