Q+A with BCCIE mentee Anna Korman

Feb 1, 2019    Source: Chelsea Dibble


We’re half way through the 2018-19 BCCIE mentorship program! Paired by common interests and goals, mentors guide their mentees into new phases of their careers, help their mentees meet key contacts in the international education sector, and provide support and guidance in various other capacities.

What’s it like to be part of the program as a mentee? Read our Q+A with Anna Korman, Registrar and International Counsellor at St. John’s International School in Vancouver, BC to find out!

Q) Tell us a bit about your educational and career background.
A) I graduated with a degree in political science and Chinese studies from the University of Victoria. I spent three semesters studying Mandarin in China, one in Shanghai, and the final two in Dalian where I lived with a local family. I am currently working as Registrar and Advisor at St. John’s International School. It is a fantastic position where I have experienced great professional growth and expanded my knowledge of the international education industry.
Q) Why did you get involved with BCCIE’s mentorship program?
A) After I began working at St. John’s International School, I decided that international education is an industry I enjoy, and I would like to continue my career in this field. BCCIE’s mentorship program is an ideal opportunity for me to learn from a mentor’s first-hand experience, as well as about the different career paths available to me.
Q) What’s been one of the highlights for you thus far as a mentee?
A) The monthly phone calls from my mentor, Laurie Waye, have been a highlight of the program. Her insights and advice have been invaluable.
Q) What have you learned from Laurie since you started your mentorship?
A) The range of subjects that Laurie and I have discussed has been extensive. I have learned about everything from how international education institutions balance marketing/admissions with academic standards, to how to establish MOA’s, to becoming a better negotiator. We have even done mock interviews together!
Q) Why did you choose to work in international education?
A) I had an amazing experience as an international student myself, so working in the industry after graduation was a natural fit. It has been challenging, intellectually stimulating and, because students have such great energy, simply fun.
The BCCIE Formal Mentorship Program runs on an annual cycle and matches mentors and mentees based on their experience levels and goals.