Northeast China Recruitment and Partnership for BC Schools: Enter Hockey, Ice Sculptures and Russian Neighbours

Nov 2, 2015    Source: Colin Doerr


Following the recent signing of the MOU between the BC Ministry of Education, Advanced Education and the Department of Education in Heilongjiang Province, PRC, we are delighted to announce a new partnership between BCCIE and the Heilongjiang Education Centre for International Exchange (HECIE), which is under the auspices of Provincial Department of Education. The agreement outlines four broad areas of collaboration:

HECIE will act as BCCIE’s counterpart in Heilongjiang, Province. The partnership will furnish a key platform for BC schools and institutions to further grow their International Education programming in China’s rapidly developing 2nd and 3rd tier cities. 

  • Institutional Promotion and Cooperation
  • Student Exchange and Mobility 
  • Faculty Exchange and Mobility
  • Marketing and Promotion

Bordering Russia to the north, Heilongjiang in situated in China’s northeast and is the country’s sixth largest province; with a population well over the size of Canada’s at 38 million. The provincial capital, Harbin, is over 10 million and its growing middle class and educational infrastructure are very well positioned for collaborative development in K-12, post-secondary and language sectors. 

BC has a natural affinity with Heilongjiang–both having northern geographies with a similar natural resource base in lumber and mining. Harbin also sports one of China’s nascent professional hockey teams—the "China Dragons." The capital is also very well known for its International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival that has been held since 1985.

Should you have any questions about this new agreement or would like to pursue initiatives with our colleagues in Heilongjiang Province, please contact Colin Doerr at