Join us for our Morning Coffee Series

Jan 28, 2021    Source: BCCIE


BCCIE’s Morning Coffee Series proposes to take just ten minutes of your time, once a week, to talk about some of the things we should be talking about, to bring you up to date, to present new ways of seeing, to inspire, to offer context, to educate, to allow you to meet pioneers and leadership both familiar, sage and longstanding as well as new, innovative and exciting. Speakers in our 10-part series will explore issues and topics crucial to the conversations we should be having.

The details:

The first Morning Coffee Series will begin on January 21, 2021, and will run for 10 weeks. The series will be sent to your inbox every Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. To receive our Morning Coffee Series in your inbox, please subscribe to our e-newsletter. Videos are available in closed captioning on YouTube.


The past year of populism and pandemic has highlighted inherent gaps, injustice, inequity, weakness and short-termism in the systems we design, operate and inhabit as international educators. There have been concomitant societal calls for local, global and collective action to change, replace, cancel and disrupt. History has shown that choices made or ignored during crises have consequence, they do have the ability to shape the world for decades to come. It has been a dark, tough year and a disruptive one, but the sun also rises. There has been great learning and many other yet-to-be articulated or appreciated outcomes.

Institutions and associations around the world have had to rapidly transition content and delivery online. They have had to put on hiatus the face-to-face and the direct contact of PD, conferences, fairs, travel, meetings and mobility and in fact much of the business proposition of international education. With this pause has come great opportunity to take a step back.