BCCIE and students and colleagues from Houston attend the Beijing International Student Summer Camp in July

Helping Texan students affected by Hurricane Harvey 

Sep 1, 2017    Source: Chantal Moore


Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Texas who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. On a personal level, BCCIE is thinking of the Houston-based students and faculty from The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts who we met at the recent Beijing International Student Summer Camp. We were heartbroken to learn our friends and colleagues are struggling to rebuild their homes, schools and lives. Even though the worst of the storm is over, communities are dealing with catastrophic losses and damages. The first week of September is usually an upbeat one for students returning to classes, but this year many classes are cancelled. It will be a long, uphill battle for schools and communities to rebuild.

Jennifer Lankau Chase, the Social Studies Department Chair at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts said "Houston is strong, and our community is working hard to help our students, but the needs are so great and the recovery will be so long. In the last three days, we have pulled drywall and flooring out of nine of our students’ homes. Sadly, this is just the very first step of an incredibly long recovery process."

Take action  

By clicking on the button below, you can donate to the Houston Independent School District (HISD), which has faced significant losses to infrastructure. You will also have the option on the donation form to earmark funds directly for the High School for the Performing Arts. HISD is the 7th largest district in the U.S., with 250,000 students, including 75% who are economically disadvantaged. Donations will support the district as they work through Harvey’s immediate aftermath and continuing issues.



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