Dr. Randall Martin, BCCIE Executive Director, speaks to the PIE

Sep 30, 2014    Source: The PIE news


British Columbia is one of Canada’s international education success stories. Randall Martin, executive director of the British Columbia Council for International Education (BCCIE) talks to the PIE News about the province’s achievements, goals and how it could be a model for national level activity.

The PIE: You’re a provincial organisation with an international outlook. Tell me more about BCCIE’s operations.

RM: We’re a small organisation with 10 full-time staff and usually one or two co-op students. Our successes have been such and the recognition of the importance of the sector has been such that just over two years ago the government turned us into a Crown Corporation to legitimise our role. “We have been seen as leaders in the country in terms of international education practices” We represent five distinct communities not members. So that’s 25 public post-secondary institutions, over 300 private and career training colleges, over 150 language schools, over 300 private or independent K-12 schools and over 60 school districts.

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