Coast Mountain College Enhances Global Position Through UMAP

As a small post-secondary institution located in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada, Coast Mountain College knows the value of international partnerships. Read our Q & A with Coast Mountain College’s, Hyeyoung Kang, Manager of Recruitment, International, on the benefits of becoming a UMAP member.

Why did Coast Mountain College decide to join UMAP?

“Being a UMAP member gives us an opportunity to enhance relationships with foreign partners and allows us to engage with other well respected foreign post-secondary institutions. We also wanted to provide more variety of study abroad opportunities for our students.”

What changes have you seen after joining UMAP in terms of diversity of student population, and mobility of students and faculty?

“Joining UMAP has provided our students with a variety of options for their study abroad experience. We are also enjoying an increase in communication with foreign educational institutions who became aware of Coast Mountain College through UMAP.”

What are some of the reasons that you would encourage/recommend other Canadian institutions to join UMAP?

“UMAP allows Canadian institutions to leverage the consortium to develop other international education partnerships. For example, the collaboration between UMAP and SEED (Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development). SEED provides opportunities for students from member states of ASEAN countries to conduct short-term exchanges for study or research in Canadian post-secondary institutions at the college, undergraduate, and graduate levels. This means as a UMAP member, Coast Mountain College does not have to sign a separate bilateral MOU with UMAP member institutions in Southeast Asia who are interested in sending SEED scholars.”

What are some of your plans to further leverage strategic partnerships with UMAP partner institutions in the future? 

“Coast Mountain College aims to be the college of choice for experiential, place-based learning allowing students to learn both in the classroom and in the spectacular outdoor spaces that are so unique to this part of Canada – northwest British Colombia. Our intensive spring and summer Field Schools combine a full semester of learning into just a few weeks where students will experience northwest BC’s incredible history, culture, and environment. Moving forward, the College is aiming to further develop our unique Field Schools on a global scale with UMAP partner institutions.”


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