BCCIE’s Dr. Randall Martin Provides Perspective, Encourages Patience for IRCC Processing of Student Visas, Study Permits

The PIE News recently published an article highlighting the challenges experienced by both the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and international students when it comes to the backlog of visa, study permit applications and study permit extension applications. BCCIE’s Executive Director Dr. Randall Martin was one of the people The PIE News reached out to for perspective on the backlog. He “encouraged institutions and students alike to have patience while IRCC reduces the application evaluation periods for international study permit applications”.

“As pandemic travel requirements and restrictions ease globally, our world is in a perfect storm of both huge supply and huge demand, but with an ongoing and calamitous disruption of the supply chain,” he said. “Specifically in international education, we have two years of pent-up demand for student mobility from students and their families… almost every global supply chain has been disrupted and visa processing delays are just the closest to home for our sector.”

For more information, please read the full PIE News article.

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