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Announcing BCCIE’s Associate Director, External Relations

Jun 12, 2015    Source: Randall Martin


We are delighted to announce that Mr. Alan Schroeder will be joining BCCIE in the position of Associate Director, External Relations. He will be arriving directly from Japan for his first activities with BCCIE at the Whistler Summer Seminar, June 21–24.
With the growth in the number of Team BC marketing missions to both mature and emerging markets, with increasing government support for the sector resulting in more and more senior government missions, and with a concomitant increase in the number of both incoming and outgoing delegations, it became incumbent for BCCIE to better coordinate and centralize team, event and mission planning in one portfolio; hence the creation of this new position and a slight re-alignment of reporting relationships within the office.
Alan‘s candidacy stood out; he brings with him a unique set of experience, education and networks, including two Bachelors’ degrees (USA, Canada), an MA (England), and an MBA (Japan).These have led to a successful and progressive career in Japan culminating in his position as Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo since 2007 and leader of the Education Promotion team since 2012. Our BC road warriors will know Alan as the coordinating leadership behind the Study in Canada fairs held twice annually across Japan. Alan brings with him fluency in an important language and culture as yet unrepresented within BCCIE, and importantly a detailed and thorough knowledge of education marketing and the Japanese market, federal and trade commissioner networks, and long-standing relationships with BCCIE’s networks of stakeholders in BC, especially in the K-12 and Language sectors. We know that stakeholders and the sector will join us in warmly welcoming Alan to BC and to the education file here.