Top 5 Reasons to join the BCCIE Mentorship Program

Jul 17, 2017    Source: Chantal Moore


The BCCIE Formal Mentorship Program runs on an annual cycle and matches mentors and mentees based on their experience levels and goals. If you’re wondering whether mentorship is for you, here are some great reasons to join the program.

1. An opportunity to give back –  There comes a point in your career where you wake up overnight and realize you have a depth of knowledge to share. Mentoring is one way to give back to the next generation and transform a life (and no, that’s not an overstatement!)

2. Skill sharpening – BCCIE’s mentors have more than 8 years’ experience in International Education, so they are excellent resources on building skills in a specific area, from marketing and recruitment, to partnerships, advising and more. For mentors, mentees can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas, reinvigorating the way you approach work. Mentees may teach you about new technology they came across as a student or ways to streamline familiar processes. Both mentors and mentees will develop their soft skills, such as communications and relationship building, which may make the difference in getting that promotion.

3. Career coaching – Mentorship is an invaluable source of coaching. Need to negotiate a work contract, find new opportunities, or accept an offer? Mentors have countless tips based on experience. The best part is learning goes both ways, and mentees often teach their mentors.

4. Friendship and memories – You may have heard stories about lifelong friendships that formed from a mentorship pairing. Your relationship with a mentor or mentee doesn’t stop when the formal program ends. We’ve heard about mentors attending their mentees’ weddings or even visiting the hospital after the birth of their first child.

5. Perks and benefits – By joining the mentorship program as a mentee, you’ll receive one complimentary registration to Summer Conference, valued at $825 in 2017. Both mentors and mentees will also receive $500 per pairing to go towards travel, job shadowing and conference expenses. Finally, you'll be invited to a mid-year mentorship event in Vancouver and receive year-round support from BCCIE staff.

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