2022 Taiwan and Huayu Enrichment Scholarships

2022 Taiwan Scholarship

The Taiwan Scholarship Program was established by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to encourage outstanding international students to undertake degree programs in Taiwan. In addition to providing study opportunities for a wide range of disciplines at Taiwan’s universities and colleges, this program also aims to:

  1. Promote knowledge, understanding and friendship between people in Taiwan and in countries around the world.
  2. Provide opportunities to increase academic and educational links with international institutions of higher learning.
  3. Develop outstanding professionals and experts to meet the needs of the global society.


Undergraduate program: maximum 4 years.

Master’s program: maximum 2 years.

Doctoral program: maximum 4 years.

  • Every recipient cannot receive Taiwan scholarship for more than 5 years in total.

Amount of Scholarships:

Tuition and payment of academic fees, including credit fee. Upon validation of tuition and above fees, the MOE awards each recipient per semester up to TWD 40,000 (Equivalent to 1820 CAD, subject to currency rate fluctuation). If the total amount of these fees exceeds TWD 40,000, the remaining amount must be paid to the university/college by the student. Tuition and academic fees do not include any of the following: administration fees, thesis supervision fees, insurance premiums, accommodation, Internet access, all of which are payable by the recipients.
Undergraduate Scholarship: a monthly stipend of TWD 15,000 (Equivalent to 683 CAD, subject to currency rate fluctuation)

Master’s or Doctoral Scholarship: a monthly stipend of TWD 20,000 (Equivalent to 910 CAD, subject to currency rate fluctuation)

Scholarship Period: Begins on September 1 and ends on August 31 of the following year. Recipients must arrive in Taiwan and register at their university/college at the schedule time. It is not permitted to defer taking up a Taiwan Scholarship until the following year.

Application Period: February 1st ~ March 31st, 2022

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2022 Huayu Enrichment Scholarship


  1. To encourage international students (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao SAR students are not eligible) to study Huayu courses in the Republic of China (Taiwan);
  2. To provide them with opportunities to increase their understanding of Taiwanese culture and society, and to promote mutual understanding and interactions between Taiwan and the international community.


MOE Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES) may last 3, 6, 9, or 12 months respectively. The duration of the scholarship is from September 1st to August 31st of the following year. If recipients fail to come to Taiwan for enrollment during the above time, they will forfeit their right to retain their scholarships.

Summer term HES last 2 months, either June-July 2022 or July-August 2022.

Scholarship funding will become effective on the date of the recipient’s enrollment. Scholarship funding will end on the month of the expiration of the scholarship or if the scholarship is revoked.

Scholarship recipients with an award period of 9 months or longer are required to take and pass Level 3 TOCFL exam and provide the certificate or transcript to your school one month before the end of the scholarship term

Amount of Scholarships: A monthly stipend of TWD 25,000 (Equivalent to approx. 1,137 CAD, subject to currency rate fluctuation)

Scholarship Period: Beginning on September 1, 2022

Application Period: February 1st ~ March 31st, 2022

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