Morning Coffee Series

Welcome to the Morning Coffee Series. Take ten minutes out of your week to explore the issues and topics critical to international education today. Learn from IE pioneers, leaders, and innovators. Grab a cup, press play, and enjoy a thought-provoking break.

S1E5 International Education and Climate Action

Dr. Jennie Moore - is the Director of the Institute Sustainability at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and leads its Ecocity Centre of Excellence. She is the creator of the ecoCity Footprint tool that helps cities and citizens identify pathways to sustainable consumption and lifestyles.


S1E4 Religion and International Education

Dr. Michael Woolf is the Deputy President of CAPA: The Global Education Network. He has written widely on international education and cultural studies, with focus on strategic development on the status and credibility of education abroad within the wider academic community.


S1E3 Creating a More Inclusive Educational Environment

Monroe France is the Associate Vice President, Global Engagement and Inclusive Leadership at New York University. He is responsible for enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion opportunities and resources across NYU and its global academic centers.


S1E2 Global Developments

Dr. Philip G. Altbach is the Founding Director and Research Professor at the Centre for International Higher Education at Boston College. He is the author of Global Perspectives on Higher Education, Turmoil, and Transition and Student Politics in America.


S1E1 The Indigenous Engagement and Narrative in International Education

Dr. John Chenoweth is the Associate Vice President, Academic & Community Education at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. He is a member of the Upper Nicola Indian Band of the Okanagan Nation.