Pre-Conference Workshop: Who We Are in the Small is Who We Are in the All

Date: Jun 21, 2021
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. PT
Format: Online workshop
Hosted By: BCCIE
Cost: $49+GST


Target audience: K-12, Post-secondary, and Language. 

The events of the past year have underscored the inequities in our systems and highlighted the need for us to re-examine the practices in the work we do as international educators, especially the work we do, or do not do to combat racism. As we tackle racism it is important to learn how to be uncomfortable with conversations on this topic. This discomfort is part of the healing. By learning to work through the guilt and shame without utilizing defensiveness, dismissal, aggression or apathy, participants will become empowered to interrupt racism.

Through the course of this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the systemic nature of racism and how it manifests into biases.
  • Explore and identify how to replace racist actions with antiracist ones.
  • Learn how to show up better for their families, friends, students, colleagues, and leadership.


Sandy Prentice is a goal oriented and results driven individual who recently retired as the District Principal of International Education from SD8 Kootenay Lake after 17 years. She has traveled extensively around the world to recruit students to study in Nelson. During her time with SD8 she increased international student enrollment to the district by 900 percent because of her solid relationships with many diverse agents and understanding diverse business styles. She attended the University of British Columbia where she graduated from the Faculty of Education with a major in English. She then pursued a Master’s Degree in Administration and Curriculum through Gonzaga University. Sandy taught ESL for 8 years and completed her TESOL certificate through the College of the Rockies in 2008. She pursued a master’s certification in Intercultural Studies from Queen’s University in 2012, 2013, 2014, known as the IETP.  After the 3-year completion of the IETP certificate, Sandy completed the IDI Qualifying Seminar for administration and interpretation of the Intercultural Development Inventory. 

Sandy has worked closely with the Ministry of Education in the province of BC through her former role as president of IPSEA. She was asked by the MoE to chair the committee responsible for the current K-12 Provincial Homestay Guidelines and then worked with a team of 3 provincial colleagues to design the curriculum for the “Global and Intercultural Studies” course for students in grade 10, 11, 12.  She is currently employed as a intercultural consultant at Purcell International Education. Sandy’s private business company is, “This Stuff Matters.”

Chelsey Gooden is passionate about diversity and inclusion.

She has extensive experience working with various NGO’S, private sectors and the Federal Government developing employment equity practices with a diversity and inclusion lens. She facilitated D&I programs and large scale educational conferences around the topic of inclusion.

She recently worked abroad in Kingston, Jamaica for a grass-root NGO where she was an advocate for women rights.  Chelsey was responsible for developing educational workshops, events and programs relating to gender equality and social inclusion.

Having had lived experience as a minority within Canada the topic of diversity and inclusion is one of her passions as she continuously works towards sharing and having open dialogue around the topic of social justice.