Cultural Intelligence Workshop

Date: Oct 25, 2019
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada


International educators across North America are invited to join us for this Cultural Intelligence workshop. You will have an opportunity to assess your own Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and learn how to improve your ability to work with diverse stakeholders, including students, agents and parents.

Malvina Rapko, a certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) facilitator and educator, will present this full-day workshop, which is ideal for all international educators and anyone who works with people from other cultures. She has a broad knowledge of the challenges in international education, having served as the recruitment manager and homestay coordinator at the Saskatoon International High School Program. She has also been a newcomer settlement worker and served with WUSC.

Here are just a few of the outcomes you will achieve:
– Understand the capabilities behind increasing one’s cultural intelligence (CQ)
– Receive a personalized feedback report
– Compare your CQ with worldwide norms
– Participate in reflection exercises that demonstrate interpretations of the feedback
– Create an action and development plan

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