EAIE trainers are experts in the field and will equip you with cutting-edge knowledge, key tactics, and innovative tools. The following training course will be offered on June 7-8, 2020 for the EAIE Academy in Vancouver – Special Edition.

June 7-8 | The fundamentals of building a strategic internationalization plan

Trainers: Hans-Georg van Liempd and Marina Casals Sala

In this course, you’ll be guided through the entire process of creating and implementing a successful strategic internationalization plan at your institution. You’ll learn the steps to take for each phase of strategic planning, pitfalls to avoid, key stakeholders to involve, diagnosis to include, how communication is a key factor, and how to monitor and evaluate your institution’s progress. You will learn from relevant case studies and from a range of hands-on exercises. It is strategic planning made practicable, and by the end you’ll be ready to take action upon returning to your institution.

  • Begin working on your district’s or your institution’s strategic internationalization plan
  • Link your district’s or institution’s vision with concrete actions, objectives, and desired results
  • Gain the practical knowledge you need to advise leaders

June 7-8 | Assessing internationalized learning outcomes: Please note Jos's and Darla's workshop has been cancelled due to travel restrictions.

Trainers: Jos Beelen and Darla Deardorff

The assessment of international and intercultural learning at many institutions is plagued by questions. What knowledge, skills, and attitudes should graduates have, how can these be captured in measurable outcomes, and how should these outcomes be assessed? In this course you’ll work on actual cases from your and other participants’ institutions to practice articulating learning outcomes at the level of modules and programs, designing assessment strategies, and constructing ways of supporting academic staff in the assessment of international and intercultural learning.

  • Learn how to demonstrate the international and intercultural dimensions of a study program
  • Derive learning outcomes at module level from desired program outcomes
  • Skilfully structure international and intercultural learning for specific outcomes
  • Design strategies for formative and summative assessment