7. “Permission to Pursue my Passion”: Driving Innovation Through Student Voices [APAIE Pre-Conference Workshop 2C]

Date: Mar 22, 2020
Time: 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Hosted By: APAIE 2020
Location: Meeting Room 16, Vancouver Convention Centre
City: Vancouver, BC
Cost: USD 100


This workshop is a pre-conference workshop as part of the APAIE 2020 conference. Attendees do not need to attend the conference to take part. Interested in furthering your learnings? Registration is still open for this year’s conference!

Learning objectives

Dive into this lively, hands-on workshop with us to hear more about the student voices, truths and practical tools which are helping us to innovate across oceans.

We’ll share theory and practice in these three areas:

1. Having better conversations with students
– Creative tools to help students open up and articulate their experience
– Techniques and mindsets for better listening
– Going beyond obvious questions to enable conversations that get to the heart of a problem

2. Connecting, sharing and communicating across oceans
– Connecting across regions: technology to keep the human connection from thousands of miles away
– Keeping stakeholders engaged, informed and interested
– Bringing the student closer to non-college staff

3. Planning and processes to guide student-led innovation
– The discipline behind student-led innovation
– Short-term, long-term, big picture and everyday ways to activate student insights


“After so much struggle and failure on my part, suddenly having permission to pursue my passion was shocking. It made me feel capable of taking charge of my life for the first time”

When did you last have a meaningful conversation with a student? Not a counselling appointment or a friendly chat, but listening to their history, hopes and fears, without agenda or interruption?

With 39,000+ students in our global university partnerships, it’s challenging for us to stay connected to students’ lives beyond everyday college interactions. At the same time, pressure to innovate and improve our students’ experience has never been greater.

In 2018 we started a journey of re-discovery with students, working with internal and external partners to conduct student ‘immersions’ and share findings across North America, Australasia and Europe. What we’ve heard takes us across the student journey, from the desperate stress of migration to the shock of -40 degree winters, starting social lives from scratch and even academic ‘redemption’.

Ultimately, whilst systems and operations impact our students in different ways across regions, identifying those unifying behavioural drivers behind student experience breaks down barriers and becomes a catalyst for better collaboration and innovation both locally and globally.


Lucy Blakemore, Australia | Consultant, Navitas Ltd

Lucy has held diverse roles across Navitas including teaching, research, eLearning and innovation. Before joining Navitas, Lucy was a qualitative researcher in the UK, working on projects across different industries and countries. She studied German and Italian at Oxford and is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Robert Daudet, Canada | College Director & Principal, Navitas Ltd

Robert has held various positions with Navitas spanning the entire lifecycle of the student journey. He seeks to embrace students' preferences for technology by identifying innovative ways to have a positive impact student experience and success. Robert is currently pursuing an MSc in Digital Education through the University of Edinburgh.

Sharla Reid, Canada | College Director and Principal, Navitas Ltd

Sharla has built a robust award-winning student leadership community, collaborating closely with colleagues to ensure students succeed in North America. She has worked in all areas of International Student Affairs and was awarded the Rising Star in International Education award from BCCIE in 2014.

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