6. Advancing Comprehensive Internationalization: Models of Transformational Collaboration [APAIE Pre-Conference Workshop 2B]

Date: Mar 22, 2020
Time: 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Hosted By: APAIE 2020
Location: Meeting Room 12, Vancouver Convention Centre
City: Vancouver, BC
Cost: USD 100


This workshop is a pre-conference workshop as part of the APAIE 2020 conference. Attendees do not need to attend the conference to take part. Interested in furthering your learnings? Registration is still open for this year’s conference!

Learning objectives

This workshop will provide participants with practical knowledge, tools and resources to support their internationalization strategic planning and partnership development. This workshop can be three hours in length, however a full-day would be preferable to support deeper learning and provide more opportunity for peer-to-peer connections. Learning outcomes include:
– Increased understanding of internationalization at the global, regional and national levels
– Identification of global, regional and national priorities and how participants’ own strategies and partnerships align
– Enhanced capacity of participants to develop internationalization frameworks and partnership development strategies in their own institutions
– A roadmap for building regional or national champion networks – Connections with other international education professionals in the ASEAN region to amplify learning and collaboration


Internationalization in higher education is a focus worldwide as countries recognize the economic and societal advantages of globally-minded graduates. Through discussion, case studies and small group activities, CBIE, CHED and representatives from their respective countries will facilitate a workshop focusing on intentional, strategic and transformational partnerships that advance comprehensive internationalization at the national, regional and international levels.

Workshop Modules:
1 – Comprehensive Internationalization and its Context Comprehensive internationalization and its underlying rationales will be explored. In addition, an overview of key international, national and ASEAN regional trends will be presented.
2 – A Framework for Transformational Partnerships Facilitators will share best practices from their experience and perspective on developing strategic international partnerships by applying the principles of the internationalization circle: context, awareness, commitment, planning, operationalization, implementation, review and reinforcement. How to assess partnerships based on the core functions of teaching, research and service to society will also be discussed.
3 – Building Internationalization Champion Networks CHED will present a case study on how it created a national internationalization champion network to encourage more collaboration and stronger partnerships across higher education in the Philippines. Participants will also learn how champion networks can be created and adapted to their own context.


Sonja Knutson, Canada | Director, Memorial University

Ms.Knutson is the Director and Special Advisor to the President on International Affairs. She has been working in International Education for 20 years and has served on the board of CBIE and NAFSA. She is currently responsible for leading strategic internationalization initiatives and cross-cultural diversity training at MUN.

Anne Christensen, Canada | Director, Development and Partnerships, CBIE

Since 2010, Anne has held various positions at the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) working to promote Canada’s international relations through international education by way of advocacy, research, technical assistance and capacity building services.

Lily Freida Macabangun-Milla, Philippines | Office of the Deputy Executive Director & International Affairs Staff, Commission on Higher Education

As Director of CHED-IAS, Director Milla led the development of the policy framework on internationalization of higher education and has fostered robust ties with regional organizations such as the ASEAN, SEAMEO, APEC and UMAP. She is also instrumental in the signing of bilateral agreements on higher education with countries worldwide.

Jeremy Godofredo Morales, Philippines | Director, St. Paul University Philippines

Dr. Jeremy Godofredo Morales is the Director of International Relations at the St. Paul University Philippines, Tuguegarao City with special training on Internationalization of Higher Education as well as Adult Learning under the Canadian Bureau for International Education. He is also an Honorary Consultant to the Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers, USA for Asia-Pacific Region.

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