2. Co-Creating for Impact: Knowledge Diplomacy & Sustainability Agendas in Asia-Pacific [APAIE Pre-Conference Workshop 1B]

Date: Mar 22, 2020
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Hosted By: APAIE 2020
Location: Meeting Room 12, Vancouver Convention Centre
City: Vancouver, BC
Cost: USD 100


This workshop is a pre-conference workshop as part of the APAIE 2020 conference. Attendees do not need to attend the conference to take part. Interested in furthering your learnings? Registration is still open for this year’s conference!

Learning objectives

This workshop provides a forum for colleagues to consider:

– The role of higher education in delivering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
– The role of higher education knowledge diplomacy in fostering impactful next-generation university partnerships.
– In a Asia-Pacific context, how can we best find advocacy platforms that harness the collective strength of HEIs?
– In a regional context of south and south-east Asia, which examples of successful and novel collaboration can we examine as sector-leading best practice?
– How can universities across the global south and north co-create for impact?

Specific Learning Objectives:
– How can universities best align themselves to inform/deliver SDGs?
– What is knowledge diplomacy and how does it influence higher education partnership?
– What are specific areas within an Asia-Pacific and S/SE Asia context that are ripe for partnerships (SDG 17), but have not yet fully been recognized or appreciated?
– Drawing upon examples from the four organizations represented, what are some ways in which HEIs can better address these opportunities moving forward?
– In the Question and Answer session, delegates will be encouraged to reflect on their own institutional best-practices, and through a moderated post-conference Linked-In page will continue to interact in the spirit of co-creation & collaboration.


Within the changing landscape of international higher education, multilateral cooperation, and collaboration – what we understand now as knowledge diplomacy – are re-defining our institutional maps of learning, teaching, and innovation.

This workshop explores how next-generation approaches to higher education collaboration can foster pan-national negotiation, reciprocity, and mutual understanding. With specific focus on Asia-Pacific, we consider the innovative role universities can play in delivering the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, notably SDG 17 which calls for robust global partnerships across national governments, universities, and civil society.

For universities to realise their potential fully to address both regional and global challenges, they need to build equitable partnerships with other institutions and beyond the sector. A new network established by the Association of Commonwealth Universities provides a framework to increase the contribution of universities to the SDGs. In line with these broader objectives, the University of Sussex has been working with partners, co-creating to devise innovative pathways to sustainability.

Focusing on regional approaches in south and south-east Asia, colleagues from the ACU, Sussex, Asian University for Women and University of Malaya will signpost novel modes of collaboration that bridge oceans and deliver an integrated approach to knowledge diplomacy and the sustainability agenda.


Richard Follett, United Kingdom | Associate Vice President/Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor (International), University Of Sussex

Professor Richard Follett oversees Sussex's international strategy, developing a global network of education partnerships and research collaborations. He is also Professor of American History at Sussex. He completed his PhD at Louisiana State University on a Fulbright scholarship and has held visiting appointments in China, Japan, and Germany.

Yong Zubairi, Malaysia | Associate Vice-Chancellor (International), University of Malaya

Dr Yong Zulina Zubairi is currently the Associate Vice-Chancellor (International).Her areas of research interests are medical and circular statistics, and internationalisation of higher education. She is also involved in the National Graduate Tracer Study by the Ministry of Higher Education. She has held several management posts at the faculty as well as university level.

Aditya Malkani, United Kingdom | South Asia Representative, The Association Of Commonwealth Universities

As South Asia Representative for The Association of Commonwealth Universities Aditya Malkani’s responsibilities include engagement with the membership in South Asia, furthering collaboration between South Asian and non-South Asian members as well as development of new regional initiatives. Aditya is also responsible for stakeholder management with regional governments, funders & foundations.

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