Apply to be a Mentor or a Mentee

The application period for the 2019/20 Mentorship Program is now closed.

A BCCIE Mentee is:
A practicing International Educator currently living and working in BC that is interested in receiving guidance and support in a specific sector (Language, K-12 or Post-Secondary) of International Education.

A BCCIE Mentor is:
A higher level administrator or professor currently living and working in BC with 8+ years of experience (this can vary depending on the individual's accomplishments and leadership experience) in a specific sector and field of international Education.

Please note that you need to view the above forms in Adobe Acrobat to enable the digital signature option. Once accepted to the Mentorship Program, you will need to complete the Supervisor Approval Form 2019/20. The application for the Formal Mentorship Program and the Self-Directed Mentorship program are the same.

In order to ensure institutional support, all BCCIE mentorship participants must have their supervisors approve their participation by signing our Supervisor Approval Form.