Partnership Opportunities

Vietnam-Canada Institutional Partnership Initiative: Institutional Mentoring and Partnership Development

The initiative will provide a platform for attending Canadian colleges, institutes, polytechnics and universities to partner with an attending VACC member college. Well prior to the event, partnership template forms, designed to elicit information from institutions on target areas for international collaboration and support, will be circulated to all Vietnamese and Canadian participating institutions and submitted to the Conference through BCCIE. Institutional matches will be proposed for institutions with like or compatible programming and interests in terms of articulated expertise and need. 

Potential ‘partners’ will be introduced prior to the conference and the event will provide networking, speed-dating and meeting opportunities to begin bilateral discussions and advance shared interests.

VACC members

Institutions in the list below comprise VACC college and university membership and have all been invited to attend the conference.


To learn more about VACC members who are attending the conference and the speed networking event, please see their institutional profiles below.