Interested in having a 1-on-1 meeting with an Education Marketing Manager or a Trade Commissioner? They will be available at Summer Conference 2019 on June 25 and June 26.

Note: Sign-ups are only permitted for registered delegates of Summer Conference.

Position Name Calendly Link
Global Affairs Canada – TC, China Kim Ursu
Global Affairs Canada – TC, Vietnam Tam Anh Nguyen
Global Affairs Canada – TC, Canada Mandeep Gill
Global Affairs Canada – TC, Mexico Veronica Soto
Global Affairs Canada – TC, India Anuj Bhasin
Global Affairs Canada – TC, Brunei Darussalam Eva Ng
EMM, Shanghai Jessie Gao
EMM, Guangzhou Jake Zhang
EMM, Japan Michiko Aoshima
EMM, India Rohit Bansal
EMM, The Philippines Angela Bernardo
EMM, South Korea Yunjin Kim
EMM, North China Joyce Jiao
Senior Manager, Indonesia, Thailand Mita Widya



  • Time slots are on a first-come, first-served basis through an online scheduling service called Calendly
  • 15-minute time slots are available; please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time
  • Please reschedule or cancel any time slots that you are not able to make directly on Calendly

Step 1: Select the Calendly link of the person you’d like to schedule a meeting with

Step 2: Click on your preferred date to see available time slots

Step 3: Click on preferred time slot and click “CONFIRM”

Step 4: Enter your Name and Email Address. Click “SCHEDULE EVENT.”

Step 5: You’re booked! Add to calendar (if desired). NOTE: You will have to repeat this process for each time slot you wish to book.

You will receive an email confirmation from Calendly confirming the time slot you have signed up for. In this confirmation email, there is also a) an opportunity to download directly to your preferred calendar software, and b) a direct link to reschedule or cancel that timeslot.

If you have any questions about the scheduling or would like further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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