BCCIE mission to Mexico brings new opportunities 

MARCH 8, 2017     Source: Alan Schroeder

From January 29 – February 5, 2017, BCCIE’s Alan Schroeder, associate director, external relations and Alfredo Moros, coordinator, programs and events, visited Mexico’s three largest metropolitan areas – Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey – on a feasibility mission with the aim of establishing strategic contacts with colleagues and partners in Mexico for the purpose of advancing and strengthening ...

Opinion: International students are part of BC’s trading economy

FEBRUARY 27, 2017     Source: The Vancouver Sun

Read the op-ed written by BCCIE's Executive Director on the positive benefits of international students in BC. 

BC economy benefits from boom in international student enrolment

FEBRUARY 27, 2017     Source: Chantal Moore

For immediate release Feb. 27, 2017 VANCOUVER – International Education continues to benefit the province, contributing over $3.5 billion in international student spending to the BC economy and creating over 29,300 jobs in 2015. These numbers are outlined in a new report commissioned by the BC Council for International Education that looks at trends over the past five years in BC’s International Education sector. The number of ...

Expanding networks and opportunites for BC’s China-competent alumni

FEBRUARY 17, 2017     Source: Chantal Moore

On Feb. 9, 2017, over 50 local BC students who studied abroad in China gathered at the Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver as part of a BC Studies in China Alumni Network (BCSCAN) Reception. The event was organized by the BC Council for International Education in collaboration with the BC Government and the Consulate General of the People`s Republic of China in Vancouver. This was the fourth reception held through BCSCAN, since the ...

Reflecting on BCCIE and IPSEA’s Winter 2017 Mission to Southeast Asia

FEBRUARY 3, 2017     Source: Chantal Moore

IPSEA’s inaugural education mission led to great successes for the K-12 sector overseas From January 8–14, 2017, BCCIE and the BC International Public School Education Association (IPSEA) partnered on a successful education mission to Vietnam and Thailand with the aim of attracting more K-12 (elementary- and secondary-level) students to British Columbia and promoting the province as an ideal study destination. Eighteen public ...

Celebrating the halfway mark of the BCCIE mentorship program

JANUARY 26, 2017     Source: Vivien Lee

On January 20, 2017, mentors and mentees of the BCCIE Mentorship Program gathered to celebrate new professional relationships at the program’s mid-year event. The mid-year event in Vancouver gathered mentors and mentees from across British Columbia to celebrate the learning achieved in the BCCIE Mentorship Program so far. The evening provided opportunities for dialogue and networking among attendees and culminated in an interactive ...

New MOU promotes educational collaboration between BC and Beijing

NOVEMBER 29, 2016     Source: Chantal Moore

BCCIE and the Beijing International Education Exchange Center (BIEE) signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Monday, November 28 in Vancouver, BC. BCCIE's Executive Director Dr. Randall Martin and BIEE's Director General Mr. Tiangang Gu gathered at BCCIE's Vancouver office for the event.  "We are delighted to renew our long-standing relationship with BIEE, the international arm of the Beijing Municipal ...

The Canadian Bureau for International Education turns 50: An interview with Karen McBride

NOVEMBER 23, 2016     Source: Chantal Moore

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) has been a national voice in our thriving sector for 50 years now. We were delighted to attend their 50th Annual Conference in Ottawa last week, where we met with President and CEO Karen McBride. She shares her thoughts below. BCCIE: What led to your interest in International Education and work at CBIE? KM: After I completed my graduate work in International Affairs, I was employed at ...

Four principles to succeed in global business: A BC Alumnus Perspective

NOVEMBER 7, 2016     Source: Jerry Lin

In my life so far, I have had two adventures: The first happened unexpectedly and involuntarily, but deeply shaped who I am today and led to my second adventure. My first adventure happened when I was 15. Back then, I was an innocent boy, born and raised in Taiwan, who never set foot out of Asia. When my parents told me on short notice they had decided to immigrate to Canada, I was afraid and angry: “No! I don’t want to go ...

Interview with Asako Okai, Consul General of Japan in Vancouver

OCTOBER 7, 2016     Source: Chantal Moore

1. Tell us about yourself and your background.  During my 28 year career in the Japanese Foreign Service, I have worked extensively in areas such as development cooperation and post-conflict issues. For instance, I served as Director for Humanitarian Assistance and for African Affairs. Vancouver is my sixth posting abroad after serving at Embassies in countries such as the UK, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka and Maldives, as well ...

BCCIE’s 25th year anniversary: Interview with Dawn Sutherland

OCTOBER 3, 2016     Source: Chantal Moore

The third and final interview in our 25th anniversary series is with Dawn Sutherland, former BCCIE Board Member and President of Maple Leaf Education North America. Maple Leaf Education is the largest operator of BC certified offshore schools, with nine schools alone in China. BCCIE: What led you to pursue a career in International Education? International Education is not something I set out to do, I more or less fell into it. I had worked ...

The University of Victoria’s award-winning Co-op Program

AUGUST 25, 2016     Source: Chantal Moore

BCCIE recently honoured the University of Victoria’s CANEU-COOP Program with the 2016 Outstanding Program in International Education Award. Why is this Program so unique? To discover more, we spoke with Karima Ramji, Manager, International Programs at the University of Victoria’s Co-operative Education Program and Career Services. Launched in 2009, the CANEU-COOP Program was built on close partnerships between four ...

BCCIE turns 25: An interview with Donna Hooker

AUGUST 19, 2016     Source: Chantal Moore

As a tribute to BCCIE’s 25th year anniversary, we are interviewing BC International Education practitioners who have made significant contributions to the sector throughout the years. Below, Donna Hooker, former BCCIE Board Chair and Director, Vancouver Community College International, and now Director at Capilano University’s Centre for International Experience shares her insight on how the field has changed. BCCIE: ...